The German hospital director Gore Verbinski used to shoot his creepy new film A Cure For Wellness was once used as a rehab facility by Adolf Hitler.

The exterior of the place was a castle just outside of Tubingen in the southern part of Germany, but the interiors were shot at an abandoned hospital in Heilstatten, Beelitz, which has a terrifying history.

"We found this old war hospital that was abandoned back in the trees and covered in graffiti with broken windows outside of Berlin, in a place called Beelitz, and we threw in some new windows and paint," the director tells WENN. "That place has its own dark history."

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs, who plays a sadistic doctor in the film, adds, "Most of what was shot was in the building called Beelitz, which of course was the most haunted of the compound of buildings. It has a terrible history.

"You could hear the screams and the torments of the past there. It's where all the Russians lobotomised their political prisoners and where Hitler did his rehab after the First World War, and where the Nazis went to recuperate in the Second World War.

"There has also been a bunch of serial murders there, so it was a very creepy place. There was a personal dread, for me, everywhere. I thought I heard and saw things all the time, but I was on the edge of terror constantly."

For the film, the castle and the hospital double up as a wellness centre at a remote location in the Swiss Alps, where a young executive, played by Dane DeHaan, is sent to meet his company's CEO, but when he arrives he quickly realises the place is so much more than a spa.