Rose Byrne is disappointed by U.S. comedies which portray women as "nags". 

The actress has showcased her comedy talent in movies including Bridesmaids and Neighbors. But when it comes to Hollywood as an industry, Rose isn't keen on the way some female characters are described on the big screen.

"I think in a lot of mainstream U.S. comedies women are always the nagging one, the downer. Those films are a bit misogynistic," she told Britain's ES Magazine.

There has been a huge rise in popularity of female funny women, such as Rose's Bridesmaids co-stars Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, with viewers in recent years. But the Australian actress insists that bosses in Hollywood are less receptive to female screen stars having a sense of humour.

"Being funny comes with an authority that people find hard to give women," Rose explained.

In a response to the issue, the 37-year-old decided to set up production company The Dollhouse, in a bid to make more films about and starring women. She admitted it was her attempt to fix a "broken" film industry, adding: "The only films that the studios are making are about robots and cars."

Among the other topics Rose discussed in the interview was the gender pay gap in Hollywood - an issue being tackled by many stars in the business in recent months.

Addressing the problem, the former Damages star said it should be discussed with the people who "have the power to change stuff".