Alec Baldwin has signed on to voice an abused tiger in a new PETA video targeting the use of animals in circuses.

The Draw My Life video details the horrors of travelling animal acts and the man behind animated hit The Boss Baby jumped at the chance to be part of the project.

While in character as the tiger in the footage, animal rights campaigner Alec urges kids to avoid attending circuses that feature acts with exotic wildlife.

Baldwin's big cat shares his sad memories of being separated from his mother, whipped, and trained to perform bizarre stunts.

"Whenever I tried to play, I was whipped, jabbed, or hit with a stick," Baldwin says in the video. "They made me perform scary tricks, like jumping through rings of fire. I knew what would happen if I didn't obey. And this happened over and over and over, until I knew there was no escape. Until my spirit was crushed."

The film hits the Internet just days after a tiger once used by Ringling Bros. circus escaped from a truck and was shot dead in Georgia.

This isn't the first time Baldwin has helped PETA oppose cruelty under the big top - his 2012 video expose of elephants in the circus prompted New York City officials to ban travelling wild animal acts this summer (17).

And Alec isn't the only celebrity wild about circus animal cruelty - model and reality TV star Joanna Krupa hit the streets of Westminster, London wearing nothing but tiger body paint to highlight the issue and urge British politicians to officially ban wild animals from performing in circuses.

"It’s not natural for an animal to do all these tricks, but they do them in the circus because they know they are going to be treated horribly, they’re going to be shocked, they’re going to be chained...," she said. "They’re traumatised. It’s about time that we are the voice for the animals."