Critics' Choice Awards host Olivia Munn took aim at Mark Wahlberg on Thursday night (11Jan17) over claims he got paid more than Michelle Williams for their All the Money in the World reshoots.

Scenes for the Ridley Scott movie had to be re-filmed after Christopher Plummer stepped in to replace Kevin Spacey, who was axed from the film following the sexual misconduct allegations made against him. Recent reports suggest that while Wahlberg earned an estimated $1.5 million (£1.1 million) for the extra 10 days' work, Williams only earned $1,000 (£740).

The story is the latest to indicate how the gender pay gap is still a massive issue in Hollywood, and Olivia couldn't resist using the scandal as comedy fodder as she took to the stage in Santa Monica, California.

During a bit with Niecy Nash, Munn gave a sarcastic toast to all the "good guys" in Hollywood, raising a glass to "that studio executive who had me meet him in the hotel conference room instead of his actual hotel room" and "that famous actor who didn't treat me like crap after I said I didn't want to get drinks with him after the show."

When Nash attempted to thank the "men for speaking up at the Golden Globes", Munn interrupted, saying "Actually, they didn't really say much there".

She then turned her attention to Wahlberg, stating: "I do want to say thank you to the producers for paying Niecy and I the same amount of money and Mark Wahlberg a million dollars."

"Say what?" Nash asked, to which Munn replied: "I know, he took a pay cut. It was really nice and generous of him. Thank you so much."

The jabs come amid a new report which claims that Wahlberg wouldn't approve Plummer until his $1.5 million pay package was agreed.

"What he said was, 'I will not approve Christopher Plummer unless you pay me.' And that's how he (expletive) them," a source told USA Today.

Another insider stated that Wahlberg's lawyer sent a letter to financiers formally vetoing Plummer for the role until his demand for additional financial compensation was met.

Neither Wahlberg nor Williams, who are both represented by William Morris Endeavor talent agency, have commented on the pay gap scandal.