Jamie Foxx used to "stalk" celebrities when he was a struggling comic.

The Oscar-winning Ray star would stand outside The Roxbury club in Los Angeles, California and try to get the attention of celebrities he would see leaving the establishment.

"I would stand on the other side of Roxbury... because they wouldn't let me (stand where the club was)... and everybody that would walk out (I would yell at)," he told Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday (15May18). "I know he doesn't remember this, but Wesley Snipes. I would stalk Wesley Snipes. I was the dude on the other side of the street when they would walk out; I would be like, 'Wesley Snipes, I see you Wesley Snipes'..."

"Every week I was there and one day Denzel Washington walked out of that joint and I breached security...," he added. "I went to hug him and he did some kind of Denzel move like, 'Hold on'. He got me right in the neck and I was like, 'I'm just trying to give you your props, I love you D.' I was one of those fans that would be like, 'I'm going to be there one day, dog'."

And now things have come full circle for Jamie.

"Now Denzel and Wesley have both come to my house...," he continued. "I had Denzel show up and I invited all the young artists to come by and sort of talk. I had a mariachi band... It was great to have Denzel there..."

Denzel was also one of the people who dished out life and career advice to Foxx after he landed his Oscar-winning role as Ray Charles in Ray.