Actors Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson's epic underwater battle scene in Aquaman took four months to shoot.

Wilson takes on the role of supervillain Orm/Ocean Master in the new DC Comics blockbuster, opposite Momoa as the titular superhero, aka Arthur Curry, and one key scene features the half-brothers facing off for control over the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

The shoot proved to be a real physical challenge, as the actors had to undergo "a ton" of stunt training to master their moves, and they repeatedly revisited aspects of the fight sequence over the course of in 2017.

"There was a particular scene, this gladiator battle, that we took at least three or four months at least, going back and forth. We shoot other scenes (in between)," Patrick told U.S. show Good Morning America.

"I mean, we started in May, and did not finish it, really, until October, and then of course, they had to put in all the extra VFX (visual effects) 'cause... we're underwater."

Patrick was unable to keep his character's decorated trident as a souvenir, but he was granted permission to take home some other distinctive props as movie mementos.

"I try to take things from each show, if I can...," he explained. "I took the mask - Ocean Master has a very cool mask - and the gloves (are) very cool."

Aquaman marked the fifth time Patrick had worked alongside director James Wan, following the success of their supernatural horror franchises Insidious and The Conjuring, and the stars are currently preparing to reteam for another sequel to the paranormal investigation films, which are said to be based on real-life hauntings.

"We're doing a third one (in The Conjuring series)," Wilson confirmed. "They scare lots of people, as it works out!"

Production on The Conjuring 3 is due to begin in the spring (19).