Mel B's daughter has experienced her mum's tough upbringing after agreeing to live her teen life for a new British TV show.

The Wannabe singer grew up in rough Hyde Park in Leeds, England and admits life was tough with prostitutes and drug dealers as neighbours.

"You become very aware from a very young age that you don't have it as good as anyone else but you're in a community where we're all the same," she said during an appearance on British TV show Born Famous.

"Everyone is struggling on the breadline or taking extra jobs. Growing up in that kind of neighbourhood, you become very aware life isn't that easy. There was a prostitute on one side and a drug dealer on the other."

Thankfully all of her kids were born after she had achieved success as a member of the Spice Girls, and now Mel's eldest daughter, 20-year-old Phoenix, has gone back to Hyde Park for the show, confessing her mum didn't think she could live there.

"My mum thinks it's so bad and the worst and I can't handle it and I'm so used to Beverly Hills and L.A. - and I'm ready to prove her wrong," she said, before admitting life in Leeds was eye-opening and overwhelming.

"I'm feeling scared, a little bit of loneliness," she told the TV cameras. "I'm in her room right now. This was her, this is what my mum was before me, before the Spice Girls, before any of the fame, money - this was her reality..."

Phoenix balked at the idea of sleeping in her mum's childhood bedroom, stating, "I think I'm going to have to take a little break and sleep somewhere else."