Sienna Miller wishes she could remake her old movies and focus instead on the female characters.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the British actress voiced her frustrations about the lack of substance in some of her past roles, including Bradley Cooper's wife Taya in American Sniper and Mark Ruffalo's significant other Nancy Schultz in Foxcatcher, and said she wishes the stories could be retold from their point of view.

“In many cases, I still fantasise about going and retelling the entire movie from my character's perspective,” she said.

Sienna is "most proud of" her role in the upcoming American Woman, which focuses on her character Debra Callahan, a single mother who has to raise her grandson after her daughter goes missing.

And the 37-year-old credits the #MeToo movement in Hollywood for making an impact on the amount of female-driven stories being told on the big screen.

“It's the kind of film that is being made today, I think, because of a shift in our industry to focus on telling female stories,” she explained. “I wonder whether people would have been interested in looking at that kind of story. Studios are being much more cautious in how they value women, how they treat women."

And she was impressed with how her gritty character Debra was received by audiences, who grew to love the single mother during the course of the movie, which follows her over 11 years.

“Men who have seen the film are really shocked by this slutty, messy woman and really loved her by the end,” she noted. “Not one of them asked where the father (of her child) is.”