With all the great music out there Rrrockit® was launched today to help you find the best albums and share discoveries with family and friends.

Available on Play Store, Rrrockit features:

Album cover image recognition
Searchable album database
Album review and information
Album rating function
Your history of ratings
Ability to listen to the album

Tom Parker, Rrrockit Co-founder said: “As a vinyl lover, constantly trawling shops, markets… I realized there was so much music out there I didn’t know. Thinking about why I loved vinyl it came to me that album covers have always been part of the experience and I realized that with some smart technology they could help me discover even more great music.”

Originally conceived by vinyl lovers for vinyl lovers, Rrrockit can be used with any album cover. This first version of the app is an initial step in opening up the universe of albums new and old. Rrrockit is available in two versions:

A free version on Android for more casual users, limited to 5 album searches a month and which contains ads;
For enthusiasts, a premium version on Android with unlimited searches and no ads.
Tom added: “We are delighted to present this first version, hope people enjoy using it and give us their feedback and suggestions so that we can make it even better!”

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Rrrockit® FAQ

Why was the Rrrockit app developed?

Rrrockit was developed to satisfy a personal need. Being vinyl lovers and spending many hours looking for the next album discovery, we realised there was something missing - an easy way to listen and learn about an album and how it is rated with one click. Bringing together the unique identity of every album cover and some smart technology, Rrrockit was created to make finding great albums much easier.

Is Rrrockit available on IOS?

Not for the moment but we are working on it and it will available shortly.

Do I have to pay for the Rrrockit app?

A free version of rrrockit exists but is limited to five searches per month and includes ads. For fans, there is a premium version of the app with unlimited searches. It costs 2 euros / month (plus 0.39 cents tax) in order to cover the cost of the image search.

Why does the link to Spotify not always work?

Most of the time the link will not work if the album is not available in Spotify. However, if the problem persists please let us know at information@rrrockit.com , telling us the type of phone you use and operating system version.

Why is the number of searches limited?

In the free version the number of searches is limited to five as every search has a cost and we try to cover this with ads. For unlimited searches we would be delighted if you subscribed to the premium version.

Why is it that sometimes when I scan I get the wrong album information?

Unfortunately, with the thousands of albums out there sometimes the wrong link is made. If this happens please let us know at information@rrrockit.com .

Why does the album capture function in Rrrockit sometimes not work?

The most common reason is that you have a bad connection to the internet. Please double check and if the problem persists let us know at information@rrrockit.com

If I capture an album image somewhere without an internet connection will it be saved?

No, at this time Rrrockit does not save the images you capture for later use.

Who do I contact if I have feedback?

We love feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the app. Get back to us with your thoughts and ideas on information@rrrockit.com .

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