This coming September 3rd sees a first for the film industry. We all know that promotion is key and getting your work seen by the right people is everything. This coming August 15th at a top London venue will host a one off premiere evening showcasing the talents of Eaglestone Management and Casting Kids acting talents. Eaglestone Management will be hosting a film premiere evening of 3 short films, 2 of which the cast is entirely made of its clients.

Join us to celebrate great independent film making followed by an industry networking event attended by the industries top working individuals. Lots of prizes and give a way’s on the night, red carpet, media, photographers and much more. All the things we know you love.

Family Matters a short film based on a true story, about the struggle of Angela as she battle's through the harassment of her partners drug addiction and the effects it has on their daughter Lucy and their future.

#Ghosting is a film centered around two best friends that fall out. How all too easily one can find themselves on rival sides of a non-existent line. When you find yourself on the receiving end of bullying from a source you never imagined what do you do....

Downbound Wayferer is a poignant and frank look at man’s most basic instinct, survival. Kyle Hellman is found in the middle of the desert by hermit Horace von Clunk, who amputates Kyle's right leg after he discovers that Kyle has been bitten by a rattlesnake. Kyle is desperate to go back to the nearest town, which is miles and miles away, in spite of his inability to walk and the physiological trauma he faces. What ensues is a very challenging and painful experience for Kyle, who is affected physically and mentally as he struggles to cross the vast and desolate landscape. Directed by Juan-Felipe Balcazar, produced by Anna Parcerisas Casanovas and starring Jason Matthewson

Family Matters and #Ghosting are both typical and important films in today’s social climate and we hope you can join us to promote this great message and raise awareness for equality not only in the film business and in society in general but in the home place behind closed doors where so much goes unreported and ignored. Directed by Paul J Lane and produced by Elaine Eaglestone, Jason Matthewson and The Old Film Farm Ltd, and showcasing the talents of Eaglestone Management and Casting Kids Management.

A night not to be missed. To secure your tickets, for more info and to watch the film trailers click here.

See you on the red carpet.