A Singularity is the new book from Damian Jones.

A Singularity is set in the near future as the ramifications of climate change take hold.

The novel’s two protagonists, Selene and Mark, embark on a fraught odyssey to make a stand against what they see as the planet’s decline and the lack of urgency to combat it. The young lovers also experiment with Dreamers, innovative drugs which give users incredible adventures whilst sleeping.

Gradually as the real world and their dreams merge dangerously together they are lost in a place they struggle to fully comprehend, faced with an atrocity they may have committed as environmental terrorists.

Desperate to find a way out and separated from each other in an increasingly fragile reality, they are pushed ever closer to a terrifying climax set to a backdrop of global protests, sinister technological advances and rampant consumerism, with everything around them poised on the brink of societal collapse.

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